ACMCV: Annual Catalan Meeting on Computer Vision



Computer Vision has become a worldwide mainstream research area. Catalonia has an extensive community in the field since most of Catalan universities have research groups dedicated to its study and many small and large companies are leading the development of products using these technologies. The aim of this meeting is threefold: 

  • To strengthen the Catalan academic and industrial computer vision network.
  • To disseminate within the community the most relevant works in that network that have already been published abroad.
  • To allow students from the Master in CV (MCV) meet with members of the Catalan CV community and prospective employers

Confirmed speaker:

Dr. Jordi Pont-Tuset from Google Research will be this year’s invited speaker at the 7th Annual Catalan Meeting on Computer Vision (ACMCV2020). Find out more information on his talk here