Poster Session

Posters that will be presented at this year’s ACMCV edition:

Image and video processing:

  • Spatio-temporal tube segmentation through a video metrics-based patch similarity measure
  • L1 patch-based image partitioning into homogeneous textured regions
  • Motion inpainting by an image-based geodesic amle method


  • Transferring GANs: generative models from limited data

Color Imaging and Vision:

  • Color encoding in biologically-inspired convolutional neural networks
  • Color-based Data Augmentation for Reflectance Estimation
  • Modeling task influences for visual relevance prediction


  • Leveraging Unlabeled Data for Crowd Counting by Learning to Rank
  • Learning to Learn from Web Data through Deep Semantic Embeddings
  • Metric Learning for Novelty and Anomaly Detection

3D Vision:

  • 3D Head Pose Estimation Using Tensor Decomposition and Non-linear Manifold Modeling
  • A Quantitative Comparison of Methods for 3D Face Reconstruction from 2D Images


  •  Single Shot Scene Text Retrieval
  • Identifying Basketball Plays from Sensor Data; towards a Low-Cost Automatic Extraction of Advanced Statistics
  • Monte-Carlo Sampling applied to Multiple Instance Learning for Whole Slide Image Classification
  • Brain MRI super-resolution using 3D generative adversarial networks
  • Survey on Automatic Lip-Reading in the Era of Deep Learning

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